April 14, 2010

Estate Sale Scores

 Lately I've been on an estate sale kick. I don't know why, but I can't stay away! Here are some of the things I've collected of late.

A lovely vintage bird cage, that I was so thrilled to find. I'm salivating just looking at this picture. LOL!
I've seen photos of them in books, magazines and catalogs. Some have plants in them, or fake birds in nests. I think I might line the bottom with vintage sheet music. It would break up all the cream paint and add some interest. Maybe an orchid would look good in there. Hmmm...

Some pretty vintage towels. I'm not sure why I bought these. I swear I saw a craft to make with them, but I can't remember what it was...

This stunning ring I found in a ziplock bag. I paid $5 for it. It is solid gold and covered in genuine stones- pearls, jade, citrine, amethysts and an emerald.

It is 5 rings all joined together in the back. It has two missing stones, but I think I should be able to get them replaced easily enough. It would be worth it for the price I paid.

This adorable little step ladder. I was thinking of putting potted plants on it out on the patio this summer. Maybe clay pots with red geraniums in them.

A cool gold chain with big links. I think it will be a good chain to take apart and turn into other jewelry.

A $5 grab bag full of goodies. I can't believe the treasures that were in this bag. Nicole and I have been going to these sales together a lot, and she bought a grab bag too. But Poor Nic, she got the Charlie Brown bag. She really had nothing but junk in her bag. We laughed til we cried about the comparison of the two groups of items. It really was hilarious. I suppose you had to be there (since she used language I shouldn't repeat here).  :)

I especially liked this broken double strand necklace (the detail in the links is amazing) and...
...some gorgeous faceted carnelians. I have already started a project using them. I'll show you when it's all done!

This strand of crystals was not in the grab bag. These were on a thread, but it seems as though they were a necklace that someone put on thread so as not to lose them. I haven't yet decided what to make with those, but I'm liking the way the carnelian project is coming out, so I may head in that direction with the crystals as well.

These two beauties were not purchased at an "estate sale" but were purchased from an "estate".
My friend's grandparents are downsizing. I've been admiring these planters on their front porch for the past 17 years, since they lived on the street behind me and I would walk past their house. I always oogled them from the road. Well, somehow, I found favor with the family and they allowed me to purchase them before an auction or garage sale. I'm so excited about these. Sorry the pictures are bad. They are currently in storage in my screen porch.

I also got a vintage galvanized watering can and small galvanized bushel shaped bucket with a handle. Another thing was some old transit tokens. I had found one from Honolulu in a jar of buttons I bought last year and came across some more recently. I will have to take more pictures tomorrow and have another quick post. I have to work for the next two days so hopefully I'll have time. 

I also borrowed some old cameras from my Dad today, and I want to try a new technique I saw using them. Hopefully this weekend I will have some cool pictures to post. Stay tuned!

I have to say that I am thankful to have some cash to spend on things I don't need but love. Who needs food, right? Lol!

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  1. hi mary!! your blog is wonderful! love your finds of course :) those towels would make cute pillows. look forward to seein your pictures! susan